Steven Chu as Energy Secretary


You’ve seen the news, and it is good.  Nobel Laureate Dr. Steven Chu, the head of Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, has been named by President-elect Obama as his nominee to U.S. Secretary of Energy.  At LBNL he championed energy-efficiency and renewable energy research for the feds.  And he doesn’t live in the ivory tower but rather has shown a practical interest in moving technology out to market–where we all can use it.   Former Secretary Spencer Abraham (from Bush’s first term) joins the chorus of voices calling Chu an excellent choice.

Chu, together with my former Takoma Park neighbor Carol Browner, selected as “Energy Czar”, and others, is part of an exciting team to can help lead the charge to a move energy-efficient and energy-independent United States.

Improving homes is a huge part of the equation, and I look forward to being part of the effort.


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