Oil prices will rise again–get ready now


Here’s something to keep your eye on, a story I’ve commented on previously and seen several times in the last month.  Oil and natural gas prices are still way down (although it does seem gasoline prices are creeping back up at the pump).  This has been great news for consumers.  One results, though, is that the oil companies aren’t drilling as much.  Many experts agree that one likelihood is that when demand picks back up, supply won’t be able to keep up, and prices will soar.  See today’s NY Times for a more in-depth discussion

My position is that the low prices give us a window to act and protect ourselves from the increases and scary spikes that will come.  And with a guaranteed return, now is a great time to invest in efficiency in our homes.  The federal tax credits make it even better.   Good stuff.



2 Responses to “Oil prices will rise again–get ready now”

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