Energy-Efficient Dishwasher


My weekend project—installing a new dishwasher.   Just the way to spend a few hours (hit a few snags) on a gorgeous Spring day :-(.  I do like the new dishwasher, though, similar to the model in my last house. It not only cleans the dishes well, it is super quiet.  I can barely hear it running.  Of course, it one of the more energy-efficiency models, too.

Being the energy geek that I am, I did want a model that uses less energy that its peers.  ENERGY STAR is a great place to start, but there are differences even within ENERGY STAR, some using considerably less energy than others.  Check the EneryGuide label to can more specific information. Another good resource is ACEEE’s Consumer Guide.  

Bottom line: if you’re replacing appliances, remember, you can get a lot of great benefits at the same time you save a lot of energy. Make the right choice!

Thanks, Mike

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One Response to “Energy-Efficient Dishwasher”

  1. greenhomesamerica Says:

    Feedback a month out. We still love this Bosch model (# SHE45M05UC). Super quiet while running. Dishes come out clean. Tall bottom rack fits big pots and serving gear. One caveat: the total rack capacity does seem a bit smaller than other models. Not an issue for this family of four, but something worth considering for a larger family.


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