$1,500 Federal Tax Credit Clarification


The guidance on the home energy improvement tax credit is out.  Short version–for insulation and windows, the credit applies to 30% of the materials only.  For heating, cooling, and solar installations, it’s 30% of the total installed costSee my previous post on the tax credit for links to more detailed information.

[Addendum, June 20, 2009:  GreenHomes has collected the most common questions and a summary of eligible measures and criteria in an FAQ page on our website.]


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4 Responses to “$1,500 Federal Tax Credit Clarification”

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    […] Energy-efficiency tax credit and green jobs stories on NPR By greenhomesamerica There were a couple of stories of interest on NPR’s Morning Edition today.  The first was a quick story on the tax credit (with a minor factual error regarding the credit on HVAC installations).  This is much along the lines of what we’ve discussed here earlier.  […]

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    […] a lot of questions about what a good home energy audit looks like–and what it looks at,” and $1,500 Federal Tax Credit Clarification, saying, “And speaking of energy-efficiency tax credits, it’s important to right information. Here […]

  3. kay Says:

    does the 1500 tax credit include a roof

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