New York Times: Home Green Home: Affordable Efficiency?


I mentioned the work of Enterprise Communities earlier.  Here’s another example from a story in the NY Times last week (I must have missed it while I was at the ACI conference).  Although this article talks about new construction, it’s important to note that energy-efficiency is making its way into affordable housing AND existing homes, too.  There’s no reason to assume that people who can afford it would want the increased comfort, safety, and durability from well-done energy-efficiency—and that’s true whether we’re talking about new homes or existing homes, for the wealthy or middle income.


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2 Responses to “New York Times: Home Green Home: Affordable Efficiency?”

  1. hollybarbo Says:

    It comes down to using our money in a smart way for our living environment. You talk about structure. I talk about content and general purchasing but the bottom line is using our buying power in an environmentally healthy way.

    • greenhomesamerica Says:

      I think we’re in agreement! And the nice thing is while saving energy and saving the environment we can also be healthier, more comfortable, and save money too. Now that’s smart!


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