Jargon Alert!


Hanging out the energy experts from across the country last week at ACI, I’m reminded of a communication trap.  Building science is both very complex and very simple.  Energy efficiency consultants are multiplying across the country.  When you choose someone to make recommendations for your home, make sure he/she can explain in plain language what is happening in your home to cause unnecessary energy usage and to what extent their recommendations will improve your situation.   If the explanation is hard to understand, have him or her try again. 

And if your energy efficiency expert does not do the actual work, make sure he/she is at your home when the contractor estimates the job, and again when the crew arrives to start the job and is willing to test-out at the end of the job to ensure you’re getting the results you expect.   Of course, the same applies to any contractors you choose. 

[Contractors–please avoid the jargon and tech-speak and try to make it easy for homeowners to understand!]

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  1. Green Earl Says:

    Thanks for the info_Green Earl

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