LEED and Heretics


Camden Watts has an interesting post about her very broad view of a session by Henry Gifford at the recent ACI conference.  Henry talked about the shortcomings from an energy performance perspective of LEED buildings.   He hits the nail on the head.   Frankly, relying on modeling complex buildings is difficult and imprecise, and many put why too much stock in these models, whether for LEED or for other purpose to estimate energy savings.  We’ve found modeling usually off and often wildly overpredicting savings.   At the end of the day, the models mean nothing.  What’s important is the actual performance of the building–whether a large commercial building or a single family home–from energy, comfort, and health and safety perspectives.   Thanks, Henry for the session–and thanks Camden from coming at this from an angle I hadn’t looked at it before!



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3 Responses to “LEED and Heretics”

  1. Camden Watts Says:

    Mike, glad you enjoyed the post. I truly appreciated Gifford’s presentation, and the discussion that happened at ACI. Thanks for your thoughts, too! I’m fascinated by the subject.

  2. greenhomesamerica Says:

    Thank you! I really enjoyed your fresh perspective!

  3. Surprise! Not all LEED building are energy-efficient « GreenHomes America Says:

    […] buildings are energy-efficient.  Some even use more than their peers.   As mentioned in a previous post, this is something that Henry Gifford has been pounding LEED on for years (See Camden Watts’s […]

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