Energy-Efficient Clothes Washer


I must be a one-man stimulus package for appliance manufacturers.  First the dishwasher—now the clothes washer. Of course, “Mr. Energy” (as my wife calls me) went with an ENERGY STAR qualifying front loader.  This particular Bosch model got good ratings for getting the clothes clean (seems kind of important in a washer).  And yes, I scoured the EnergyGuide  labels before buying.  The bottom line: it gets my clothes clean with less water, has a higher capacity so I can wash the same amount of clothes in fewer loads, and it seems gentler on the fabric.  It is on the very low end of the spectrum in terms of energy use so I save energy and money with every load.  This is also another case where energy-efficiency also means quieter operation.  The whole family likes it.

Check out ENERGY STAR, ACEEE, and Consumer Reports before taking the plunge.  Choose wisely and let the savings pay for the appliance over time!


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