Solar hot water video

Click for Solar Hot Water Video

Click for Solar Hot Water Video

We’ll be putting together a series of informational and educational videos beginning this summer.   It will be several weeks before we launch, but I thought it would be fun to share the simple concept piece we put together.   Crunching the numbers on solar hot water systems, I’m really excited about them, and I thought we’d start with that to flesh out the video idea.

[Click on the video at:]

And my commitment to you—in the future I’ll try to keep it below 10 cups of coffee per day!

P.S.  As GreenHomes’ blog readers know, my mantra is “efficiency first,” before renewables.  But if you’d like to learn a bit more about solar thermal visit our website or dive into our blog archives here:



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2 Responses to “Solar hot water video”

  1. All Things Eco Blog Carnival Volume Fifty Four | Focus Says:

    […] Rogers presents Solar hot water video posted at GreenHomes America. Mike says, "The forgotten sibling of the solar industry is solar hot […]

  2. Solar Hot Water Sunshine Coast Says:

    Sounds like a great idea. Where I live at the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia it’s perfect conditions for installing solar hot water systems. More people hearing the message – “Go Solar” the better I reckon.

    Russell Brennan

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