$1,500 Home Energy Tax Credit Summary and FAQ


tax credit imageWe continue to get a lot of questions about the federal home energy-efficiency tax credits.  GreenHomes has collected the most common questions and a summary of eligible measures and criteria in an FAQ page on our website.  Hope this helps.  Of course, feel free to contact us for more info.



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6 Responses to “$1,500 Home Energy Tax Credit Summary and FAQ”

  1. Sam Bernsen Says:

    I am the owner of a condo unit in an apartment building in Chevy Chase, MD with 149 condo units. In my unit I have two heat pumps manufactured by Climate Master. I have had these two heat pumps since December 1990.

    Am I entitled to a tax credit under the Stimulus Act? If so, how do I get this credit? Does the Condo Associatilon have to apply for this credit, or can I apply for the credit?

    Thank you. Sam Bernsen

    • greenhomesamerica Says:

      Hey Sam, that’s a good question–it would seem to apply to you, but that answer is probably best handled by a tax advisor–something we are not. We can tell you what measures qualify–but not how condo ownership impacts things.

      Good luck!

  2. Lisa Pena Says:

    We are about to have epoxy-flex applied to our roof. According to the roofing company, this is eligible for the 1.500 tax credit. Is this correct?

    • greenhomesamerica Says:

      I’m sorry, I’m not familiar with epoxy-flex. Before you proceed, ask to see the manufacturer’s certification for the particular product they are installing–that is the required documentation you need. And if they can’t provide it, be skeptical. You can find a list of qualifying roofing products on the ENERGY STAR website at http://www.energystar.gov/index.cfm?c=roof_prods.pr_roof_products. The roofing company should also let you know that the installation costs are not eligible for the credit.

      Good luck,

  3. hagop garabedian Says:

    I have installed an exterior door’ in 2009.
    Am I entitled to get a tax credit ?
    Where can I get the form 5695?

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