Another scam?!—the Cool Surge Portable Air Cooler


I occasionally read USA Today when I’m travelling.  Flipping through an edition last week, I came across an ad that looked a lot like the Amish Heater nonsense I commented on earlier.  Same type of incomplete and misleading information, same sleazy marketing hooks.  Digging deeper, it looks like it’s put out by the same company. 

My short recommendation:  Don’t buy this!  See what Consumer Reports has to say.

This “Cool Surge” window dressing is essentially a small “swamp cooler”, a fan that blows across water.  This can actually provide some cooling, but is really only effective in very dry climates like in the Southwest US, and even then this particular unit would generally be insufficient to even cool one room in most conditions.  But I’ll stick with my “don’t buy” comment even for those areas primarily because you can buy the equivalent equipment for 1/3 the price (less than $100, without the expensive national advertising campaign).  In humid climates like the Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY on a swamp cooler and certainly not this product!

The savings claims are silly, especially if you were to use their “glacial ice block”.  This is really just a freezer pack that you stick in your freezer—and guess what—you pay the electricity to freeze the block, but you run that electricity through your freezer rather than the bogus cooling unit.  The ad’s electricy claims don’t account for this.  Worse, and not captured by the Consumer Reports review, the waste heat from your refrigerator/freezer (you generate heat when your refrigerator is cooling) actually warms your house!  “Miracle” advertising—even full-page, color, miracle advertising—doesn’t change the laws of physics!

Bottom line:  don’t buy one of these—and don’t support misleading advertising.

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13 Responses to “Another scam?!—the Cool Surge Portable Air Cooler”

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  7. Donna Galvin Says:

    I bought two for one. They don’t cool at all. My house is 90 degrees right now with both running.. Guess I’m out $ 250.00 . Anything I can do ?

  8. Chicago Says:

    This is often a wonderful blog page. I’ve been back repeatedly during the last week and wish to subscribe to your rss implementing Google but can’t understand the best way to do it very well. Do you know of any guides?

  9. Hugs Says:

    It does sound pretty dodgy. Glad I didn’t get scammed by them.

  10. cityville Says:

    im more often than not surfing around the web virtually all of the afternoon which means I choose to read a bunch, which unfortunately is not generally a beneficial factor as a large amount of the web sites I visit are made up of pointless trash copied from some other internet websites a trillion times, nonetheless I have to give you credit this site is definitely readable and also boasts a bit of unique substance, therefore kudos for smashing the pattern of only replicating other people’s blogs 🙂

  11. Basil Says:

    This is certainly Amazing! Thank you so much.

  12. Ricotta Heating and Air Says:

    Ricotta Heating and Air…

    […]Another scam?!—the Cool Surge Portable Air Cooler « GreenHomes America[…]…

  13. Alejandra Says:

    I was just watching this on PBS today. They spoke the same things you wrote about.

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