Replacement Windows–For the Right Reasons!

Click to learn some benefits of replacement windows

Click to learn some benefits of replacement windows

When people think about saving energy in their homes, replacing windows is often one of the first things that comes to mind.  The reality is that replacement windows by themselves are using one of the least cost-effective things you can do to save energy.  Insulation, air-sealing, duct-sealing and lighting usually provide a lot more bang for the buck.  Most window installers probably won’t clue you in on that tibbit!

Having said that, replacing your windows does have a lot of benefits.  Newer windows can boost comfort, reduce maintenance hassle and expense, address lead paint issues, reduce fading of upholstery and carpets, eliminate the need for swapping storm windows and screens twice a year, and the list goes on.  And if you’re replacing you’re windows for any reason, choosing the right energy-efficient window AND installing them properly will help you save energy, too!   Also, windows can certainly be part of a comprehensive energy retrofit.

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2 Responses to “Replacement Windows–For the Right Reasons!”

  1. John S Says:

    Hey everyone, I just read through this article and would like to share my experiences! My wife and I upgraded our house last year with windos & doors + siding around the house. First we also only thought of a window replacement but in the end we did it all. First I did not like the idea of spending so much money at one but now after we have double glazed windows and doors and an insulation around the house we are actually saving tons of money due to the improved energy efficiency. So if you do it smart it definitely pays off in the long run I guess!
    So I can only recommend to have a masurements / salesperson person over to get a quote (if you don’t want to DIY). Cheers!

  2. MA Window Contractors Says:

    I do agree that there are other things you can do to get a good bang for your buck, but as you note there are several benefits to replacing your windows. We always discuss all the benefits with our customers. And with the Federal Tax Credit, for some people it’s an excellent time to upgrade. A big factor in how much energy you will save when replacing your windows is, the condition and quality of the windows you are replacing. Here is New England, there are many people who have single pane windows that are 50 -75 years old or more in many cases. These type of windows aren’t much better then just having holes in the wall. On the flip side, if your windows are 20 year old low grade double-panes, you won’t see as much energy savings although you will see some.

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