Cool Surge: A “Don’t Buy” Recommendation


Energy Myth:  The Cool Surge Air Cooler Can Defy Physics!  The reality is, it can’t!

We continue to get a lot of inquiries into the Cool Surge Portable Air Cooler.  As explained in my previous post about this scam-tastic offer, the Consumer Reports review, and elsewhere (like this Regruntled post), this doesn’t make sense for most people.  SAVE YOUR MONEY—DON’T BUY ONE!   There are better ways to stay cool.   

[August 2010 Update:  This appears now be marketed in a slightly repackaged manner as the MIRA-COOL.  Different name, same “DON’T BUY” recommendation.]


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One Response to “Cool Surge: A “Don’t Buy” Recommendation”

  1. MIRA-COOL: The only miracle is that these guys can get away will selling this stuff « GreenHomes America Says:

    […] purveyors of this nonsense think that by using the name MIRA-COOL, they can repackage the BS of the Cool Surge air cooler and skirt around the terrible reviews and warning.  Pure nonsense.  Don’t buy this […]

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