Gas leaks (and combustion safety)


Just an example from Sharon T., a customer in Central New York on why we test every home for gas leaks and combustion safety issues.

I called [National Grid] immediately and someone was here within 20 minutes.  There was a leak and the man said “whoever the fella was that found the leak had it pinpointed perfectly”….   They had the leak repaired (put in a new connection) and were on their way in no time.

 I thank you for taking the time to check for leaks. 

Note, Sharon is a window customer.  Most window contractors would NOT test for gas leaks and combustion safety issues.  We believe it is very important, whether you’re getting heating or cooling equipment, windows, insulation & air-sealing, or about any other significant change to your home.  If your contractor won’t do it, find someone who will.

Last week in NJ as part of an inital home assessment, we found a backdrafting water heater, with melted pipe insulation and plastic fittings on the top of the heater.  And this unit had just been installed (not by us!) in November.  We find things like this in 20-25% of the homes we visit.  And the homes and the people who live in them are at risk.

Please do get this stuff checked!



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