Attic Insulation


More attic insulation is good--but make sure you air-seal, first.  Here we're foaming gaps a a interior patition wall and wiring holes.

Earlier, I mentioned furnace tune-ups.  Well, it’s never too early to tackle an attic insulation job.   Properly air-sealing (see recessed can light and open chase examples) and insulating your attice provides year round comfort and energy-efficiency benefits—and can chop hundreds of dollars off of high monthly utility bills.  It seems most people start thinking about insulation only in the late fall.  And then many people scramble to get the project done.  There’s no need to wait, and winter, spring, summer or fall, a good attic insulation job starts paying you back immediately.

 (I know I sound like a broken record on this, but I’ll repeat it anyway.  When getting insulation upgraded in your attic, it is important to do the air-sealing first.  Insulation does work as it should when air is leaking from it.  And do combustion safety testing on your furnace and water heater to make sure carbon monoxide and other pollutants are not being released into your home.)



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