Furnace Tune-Up


Even though we haven’t even hit Labor Day, yet, I want to get you thinking about a furnace tune-up now.

First, a reminder that you should get your furnace (or boiler) checked at least once a year (more if you burn oil) to make sure that it is operating safely and efficiently.  And preventive maintenance can help ensure that you furnace runs when it needs to—we get a lot of service calls in the first cold days of the year and also during deep cold snaps—not the time you want your furnace to go down.

By the end of September in the Northern US, many contractors start getting backed up.  As you head South, that shifts from October to even December (OK, Miami and Phoenix don’t get backed up in heating season!).  Avoid the rush, avoid the wait, get that furnace tuned-up BEFORE heating season kicks in.



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