Surprise! Not all LEED building are energy-efficient


Shocked!  Shocked, I tell you!  The New York Times reports that not all LEED certified buildings are energy-efficient.  Some even use more than their peers.   As mentioned in a previous post, this is something that Henry Gifford has been pounding LEED on for years (See Camden Watts’s discussion of this.)

“Green” is more than landscaping or bamboo (although I just used bamboo flooring in my on home–on the ceiling in my bathroom).  And whether in a large commercial building or a single-family home or somewhere in between, the performance details matter.   It isn’t green if it doesn’t make your home safer, more comfortable, and more energy-efficient–in other words, a well-performing home.

Because you find a lot of folks hawking “green” audits these days, we’re putting together a short video on some of the key performance issues to look at.   Hopefully we’ll have something for you to look at within the next week.



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One Response to “Surprise! Not all LEED building are energy-efficient”

  1. Green Home Coach Says:

    I’m not surprised one bit. I see so much focus out there on the type of building materials used in green homes, and a lack of attention to energy efficiency. Energy efficiency should also be a primary concern for everyone, not just the use of green building materials. We want to conserve our nations energy resources also, and that has to start one home and car at a time.

    GreenHomeCoach will help anyone interested in building a home, to do it yourself. By being an owner builder, you will save money today which will allow you to choose the best energy building systems available. You will also save money every month you live in your new green home as a result of lower energy and utility bills. GreenHomeCoach will team you up with an experienced Green Builder and provide you with a web based program that almost does all the work for you. Build Green today for your tomorrow!

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