TVs, Computers, X-Boxes, and Phantom Loads


Something we should talk more about–the tremendous increase we continue to see in residential residential use as we add a plethora of electronic gadgets to our daily lives.  Many of these–TVs, game consols, cable boxes–use a lot of energy even when not in use or “off”.   The NYTimes wrote yesterday Plugged-In Age Feeds a Hunger for Electricity about the issue.  What they didn’t mention is that in the face of this growing use why it is now even more important to look at other ways to save energy in the home to offset this (or figure out where we’re going to build the 560 coal-fired plants to meet the demand–and how we’d like to pay for it!).

This is a thread we’ll have to come back to.


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One Response to “TVs, Computers, X-Boxes, and Phantom Loads”

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    […] Power Strip to Reduce Phantom Loads By greenhomesamerica A couple of months ago I mentioned phantom loads, hidden uses of electricity throughout the home.  They really add up with a lot of electronics […]

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