Obama on Letterman–Jobs and EE


obama-lettermanOn Monday, President Obama appeared on on “The Late Show with David Letterman”.  (The interview aired on 9/22.)  Among many other things (including a heart-shaped potato), Obama and Letterman discussed the connection between energy-efficiency and jobs.

As captured by the Wall Street Journal:

from the Wall Street Journal coverage of Obama on Letterman):

Mr. Obama suggested that he might look to jump-start job creation by retrofitting old buildings to make them more energy efficient. “Doing that one thing could put hundreds of thousands of people back to work,” he said. To which, Mr. Letterman interjected: “We’re guilty of that here. We’ve got this enormous air-conditioning system that could be replaced somehow.” And the President asked the audience, “Are you guys cold by the way?”



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One Response to “Obama on Letterman–Jobs and EE”

  1. Paul Says:

    I think our President is very eloquent. I have not been able to say this for the previous eight years. I support what he is trying to do and hope he succeeds in getting our economy back on track. God bless him.

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