Solar Decathalon Set-up


I’m in DC this week.  Yesterday, while walking across the National Mall between meetings at DOE and EPA, I saw some of the set up for the homes competing in DOE’s Solar Decathalon.  While these are small demonstration projects, they offer a chance to showcase effective technology and for teams to try out new approaches.  One thing that was interesting is that a lot of the projects use technologies and practices identical to or similar to what GreenHomes uses in existing homes today.  I think what it comes down to is that good approaches make sense whether you’re talking new construction, or retofitting existing homes.  While you can visit the Solar Decathlon site for more images as set up is completed, here are a few early peaks.

Cornell's entry

Cornell's entry

I note they use a Renewaire ERV

I note this team used a Renewaire ERV

The DOE educational display

The DOE educational display

A flurry of construction by the teams

A flurry of construction by the teams



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One Response to “Solar Decathalon Set-up”

  1. adin Says:

    It was great to see the Decathlon in DC- totally unexpected for me. I was impressed, but couldn’t help but be amazed at some of the over-designed features of the houses; particularly heating systems.

    Does a $500,000 super insulated 800’sq house really need several heating systems? Most common of the several I saw was solar to radiant floor heat along with min-split air source heat pumps…It was sexy for sure, and indeed there is a need to impress the public to further product development; but isn’t what is needed the most the most practical use of resources in the right places?

    All this to say- I am excited to see Passive House be designed with as much vigor as the cool solar houses we saw on the green.

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