Watch out for flying pigs! Who woulda thunk it?


Earlier today, the Dow nosed about 10,000 given some a sign for optimism.  (We still have to create jobs to go with it, though.  See the comment on the CNN story on energy-efficiency and jobs.)  Most certainly wouldn’t have expected that six months ago.

And just in and perhaps even more unexpected, Alaska Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski–who happens to be the ranking Republican on the Senate Energy committee and an opponent of climate change legislation, seems to have come out in support of the framework laid out earlier this week by Senators Kerry and Graham in a NY Times Op-Ed piece, “Yes We Can (Pass Climate Change Legislation)“.

The lynch pin may well be the the jobs created by a focus on energy-efficiency, especially retrofitting existing homes, make this even more urgent and commonsensical.  And as I’ve said here before, you can forget the climate stuff if you want–we should be taking all the energy-efficiency steps anyway because it helps families, creates jobs, protects the environment, makes our country more economically competitive, and the nation more secure.  That’s a lot of wins.  And Washington may be figuring it out, now!



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