Oil hits $77/barrel for first time in 2009


Weak dollar?  International market recovery?  Speculation not supported by fundamentals?  In any event, wildly fluctuating energy prices can play havoc with your home economics.  Home heating costs look down right now–but energy overall tracks oil prices pretty closely.  And those in energy-efficient homes are less susceptible to risk from the price volatility. 




One Response to “Oil hits $77/barrel for first time in 2009”

  1. Nick andrews Says:

    The price for a barrel of oil will continue to rise due to a number of issues. This includes the growing demand of oil by China and india and the increasing threats by terrorist groups. I also see our leaders in Washington D.C. having the inability to do nothing. The people of this country need to change to different technologies which will reduce our dependence of Middle Eastern oil and start producing our own energy.

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