Avoid Portable Heater Confusion, “Amish”, Miracle or Pure Malarky


It must be that time of year.  The leaves are turning, the temperature is dropping, and misleading advertisements for miracle heaters are starting to fill the papers and the weekend supplements.  We’ve covered this elsewhere:  Don’t buy the Amish Mantle heater with the “miracle” technology from China (and don’t buy the Cool Surge Portable Air Cooler).  And making my “don’t buy” list this year is also the Eden Pure Heater, even if Bob Vila is “interviewed” in their big ads (here’s what Consumer Reports has to say about Eden Pure).   Generally, you should be very skeptical about ads for products that would seem to defy the laws of physics, tout miracles that they (and only they) have somehow tapped into, or that use a lot a scientific jargon and confusing units to try to make you think that’s the case.  If you want to save energy and save money (and be more comfortable), you’ll have to keep the heat in and produce it more efficiently.  You might be able to close of the entire house and only heat one room as a last ditch measure–but even that isn’t as easy as it sounds.  Often that room wasn’t engineered on all sides to keep the heat in.  And turning off heat in other areas of you home can lead to problems with plumbing, with furniture, and with the building structure.  It’s not as simple as plugging in an overpriced electric heater.   

Stay warm.  Stay safe.  Our winter tips can help.

And offer your thoughts–what can we do to help people not waste their money on over-hyped stuff like this?

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