Watch for questionable insulation practices


It might be interesting to show some of the conditions we encounter in the field every day to help illustrate home performance.  And I’ll randomly kick off this thread with something Daniel–an Advisor with Air King, our Simi Valley location–came across this week.  He visited a home where another insulation contractor had already come by.  Well, not all insulation contractors are equal.  It’s clear some don’t understand the importance of air-sealing.  Or not filling the water heater closet with insulation.  (Or cleaning up after the work was done.)

Simi--competitors bad insulation work 1
Your insulation contractor should be blocking holes and air-sealing before adding insulation. Filling the hot water closet with insulatio and blocking the vent hood is considered bad practice (now that’s a bit of an understatement).

If your insulation contractor doesn’t talk with you about air leakage and the importance of air-sealing, run away!  (For that matter, if your heating and cooling contractor doesn’t look at your insulation levels and air-leakage rates–and help correct problems–how can you be sure you’re getting the right system?)



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