Air leakage–even the small cracks add up


We continue to get a lot of inquiries about ice dams–especially now that snow has started hitting our Northeast locations.

And this brings me back to air-sealing.  The little leaks do add up to big utility bills and even moisture problems in your attic.

This recent photo from Marvin, one of our Syracuse Advisors, is a good illustration.

Air Leaking through small cracks leave stains on fiberglass

Tell tale signs of air leakage--air leaking through small, barely visible, cracks directs air through fiberglass. And the fiberglass filters dirt from the air before it leaves your house. Isn't that nice? You clean the warm air before you leak in leave your house in the winter!

Although the gaps shown here are really too small to be seen easily, we can see the impact they’re having.  Notice the dark staining that lines up exactly with the small cracks.  Air is leaking through here.  The fiberglass insulation is dirty because as the air moves through it–robbing your home of heat in the winter–the fiberglass actually grabs dirt and other particulate in the air.  Hundreds of these small cracks along with other holes and penetrations are a big energy waster, the decrease the effectiveness of your insulation, and they can lead to moisture problems in your attic or icicles and ice damming if you live in snow country.

Seal those leaks.  Or call someone who knows how!


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