Bad use of foam–please do NOT do this!


One of our Syracuse, Advisors, Marvin Mondlick, ran across a scary example of air-sealing.

Spray foam is a great product, and we use it in some form on most of our projects, to help with air-sealing and as insulation.  However, it’s critical to use it appropriately.   Watch out for cowboys without experience who don’t have the experience to do this safely.

Marvin ran across this project where we were called in to do a heating system replacement.  A different contractor had been in earlier to do air-sealing and created a very unsafe condition.

This spray foam was used to "air-seal" around an active flue. Bad idea, contrary to code, and a fire hazard.

The foam was sprayed against an active flue–where hot gases from the furnace are directed into the chimney.  This is a code violation–and could have led to a fire.

Fortunately, we got there before catastrophe.  In this case, we installed a new high-efficiency, sealed combustion furnace, vented through a side wall.

The important lesson:  when air-sealing or insulating, make sure it gets done right, whether you do it yourself or hire someone to do it for you.


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