Don’t mess around with appliance venting!


We’ve talked here before about carbon monoxide (CO) dangers.  This needs to be taken seriously.  Often we find problems with systems that look OK to the naked eye.  Sometimes, though, we run into downright scary situations.  Gary Vankennen, one of our Syracuse Advisors, found this in a home recently.  Not only is the vent pipe made from thin aluminum dryer vent, but the droop in the pipe virtually assures that it won’t vent CO and other combustion gases properly.  Please, please, please, don’t mess around with venting issues.  Contact a professional, and follow the link for more information on combustion safety.

And it’s important to check venting and draft on all combustion appliances even went you’re insulation, air-sealing, swapping out windows, or changing your heating system to make sure everything is operating safely and efficiently.



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3 Responses to “Don’t mess around with appliance venting!”

  1. Spaghetti anyone? Caveat emptor! « GreenHomes America Says:

    […] GreenHomes America Tips to make your home more energy efficient and comfortable « Don’t mess around with appliance venting! […]

  2. Appliance Venting Problems Says:

    Don’t forget about the hazards of venting gas appliances in the same flue as solid fuel appliances. Totally not code compliant, but lots of old houses have this unsafe setup. I think that’s just a dangerous as the serious issue mentioned in this article.

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