Spaghetti anyone? Caveat emptor!


This post isn’t about energy-efficiency so much as quality workmanship.  Over the last week, I’ve shown examples of dangerous spray foam application and dangerous water heater venting that we’ve uncovered.  And here’s a couple more recent examples from the field where the installers just didn’t care about a quality installation.  [Thanks to John Scipione and Patrick Herbert, of our Syracuse office, who stumble into “interesting” situations on an almost daily basis.]  The wiring in these looks like some sort of abstract art.  But it doesn’t look like the electrical work of someone paying attention to detail.  If your improving the energy-efficiency of your home look for quality.  At a minimum, follow these guidelines for choosing a contractor and look for certification and accreditation by the Building Performance Institute (BPI)

Low-voltage spaghetti (with a bit of line voltage)

Line voltage spaghetti (with a side serving of droopy ducts)



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    […] the smoke and mirrors ranging from heating products to outrageous claims about window savings.  Caveat emptor!  And that one of the reason we take the time to do a “test-in” audit before mapping […]

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