New Life for an Old Furnace


John Scipione just ran across an interesting example worth talking about. While conducting a home energy audit, he discovered a poorly venting furnace with high levels of carbon monoxide, obviously a dangerous situation that needed to be corrected. In addition to being unsafe, this was an older furnace which doesn’t take advantage of new high-efficiency technology. This unit is a prime candidate for replacement.

Despite the incentives available right now, the family wasn’t ready to replace the unit. So John quickly called in Brandon, one of our HVAC service technicians. Brandon was able to do a very thorough cleaning and tuning of the unit to nudge up its efficiency.

He lowered the carbon monoxide levels in the flue from more than 1,000 parts per million, to acceptable levels below 50 parts per million. While this furnace is really at the end of its useful life, and we’d like to see it replaced with a new 95% efficient model (with an efficient fan motor, or ECM, to save even more energy), at least this family is able to squeeze an additional season out of the furnace knowing it’s operating safely and as efficiently as possible. Times are tough. But don’t forgo routine maintenance that may cost you more in the long run or put your family at risk.


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