Some things a typical home inspection might not tell you


Here are a couple of photos from GreenHomes Advisor Gary Van Kennen from a recent assessment in New York. The new homeowner had a home inspector and a bank inspector in the home prior to purchase.  Both inspectors missed a bimetallic damper and a plastic dryer vent pipe on a gas dryer.  Worse, the dryer vent had a stocking over the end, venting into the basement, and exhausting both moisture and carbon monoxide (CO) into the home.  [Please pardon the quality of the photos–sometimes the in-field shots are a bit rough!]

Hard to see here, but this gas dryer venting is bad on a couple of levels. First, you don't want to vent a dryer with plastic pipe. Second, you always want to vent a gas dryer outside. The stocking on the end captures lint--but it doesn't capture the moisture or more importantly the carbon monoxide be venting INSIDE the house.

We don't like to see bimetallic dampers in flues. The mechanisms can corrode and leave the damper in a stuck "closed" position, greatly impacting venting and potentially causing both inefficient combustion and the spilling of combustion gases into the home. We always recommend replacing these as a priority item.


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