ACI Continues Leadership in Energy-Efficiency with New Director


Amy Fazio has been named executive director of Affordable Comfort, Inc. (ACI), an excellent home energy training and education organization. Helen Perrine, ACI executive director for more than 15 years, is retiring.

ACI has led the way in North America to explain to leading stakeholders how retrofitting can impact health, safety, durability, efficiency, and comfort. A systems approach to improving the performance of home has been championed by ACI as a way to get past the limitations, risks, and oversimplification of past “widget” approaches, and many at GreenHomes became familiar with the home performance approach through ACI conferences reaching back more than two decades.

In commenting upon Ms. Fazio’s selection, ACI Board President Charles Segerstrom said, “Amy clearly has the knowledge, skills and abilities ACI needs to expand its role as a key international player in energy efficiency education, training, and building science leadership.”

Mr. Segerstrom praised the service record of retiring Executive Director Helen Perrine. “It is time to celebrate the vision that Helen Perrine had 24 years ago when she and Linda Wigington created the foundation for ACI. The success that ACI has had as a leader in North American education and training in building science is due to the consistent passion for impact and excellence Helen has exhibited throughout her distinguished term as executive director,” Mr. Segerstrom said. “Helen’s work has transformed ACI’s image from one of small niche advocacy to a major force in the residential environmental and energy efficiency space. Based on this platform, Amy is well equipped to take ACI to the next level of incredible opportunities emerging in the evolving green economy,” Mr. Segerstrom added.

Thank you, Helen, for your outstanding leadership! And welcome, Amy!



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