Good installation matters! Use an accredited contractor. Insist on quality.


GreenHomes Syracuse Advisor Marvin Mondlick came across a terrible furnace installation last week during a home assessment.  In this case, the homeowner had a relatively efficient condensing gas furnace.  That’s were the good new ends.  This is quite simply a terrible installion. 

Condensing furnaces take advantage of the heat released as water in combustion condenses.  This gives big boost to the efficiency.  It also means that we have to deal with that water.  Usually is it either routed to a drain or indirectly via a pump to a drain.  In this case, the installer merely used a bucket.  And this means the homeowner have to go down to the basement and empty the bucket every day or two.

Worse, the exhaust here is dumped into a chimney.  That may sound fine.  With a condensing furnace, though, the exhaust is so cool, that it starts condensing–by design!  That’s the point!  The condensate s very acidic.  It with eat up the masonry chimney very quickly, creating big safety and structural and safety.  In short order, if not corrected, this homeowner would be faced with a very expensive fix. 

This speaks to the importance of a quality installation.  Look for a BPI accredited contractor.  And insist on quality.



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