It’s time to call a new HVAC contractor…


Syracuse Advisor John Scipione (we call him “The Master”), passed along a couple more doozies today, more examples of the real life conditions that we run across all too often.

From the “Joists?  We don’t need no stinkin’ joists!” Department, here an unwise contractor decided to figuratively cut corners, and literally cut a floor joist right out.  Folks, these joists are there for a reason.  Namely, to hold your floor up and keep it from bouncing!   The contractor also left a chunk of wood being held up by the electric wiring.  My inspector wouldn’t like that!  We can fix this, but you shouldn’t let a contractor get away with it to begin with.

And why fix an oil leak when you’ve got a bucket (hey, maybe BP should try this)?  An open bucket of fuel oil doesn’t smell too nice in the basement.  Probably a couple other concerns with that, too? 

If your system looks like this, get help!  And one lesson for today is make sure you choose a quality contractor.



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