GreenHomes and ASI Hastings Bring Home Performance to San Diego


GreenHomes America welcomes San Diego-based ASI Hastings Heating and Air to the family.

San Diego Heating and Air Conditioning ContractorASI Hastings is the largest residential retail heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) enterprise in San Diego, with more than 65 employees. The 58-year-old firm has served over 500,000 homeowners in the San Diego area, and they will now add home performance retrofits to their services.

Home Performance contractors begin their work with a home energy audit, which uses advanced technology such as blower doors, infrared cameras, and computerized modeling to assess a home’s unique energy usage footprint and comfort issues. The energy audit diagnoses where the home is leaking air to the outside; measures the efficiency of cooling and heating systems; determines the effectiveness of insulation, ducts, windows, and doors; and checks combustion safety and gas leaks. After work is completed by in-house crews, the home energy audit is performed again to ensure issues are fixed and the project is successful.

GreenHomes President, Brett Knox notes, “With their excellent reputation, focus on quality, and solid operating foundation, ASI Hasting is the ideal partner for GreenHomes in the region.”

Read more about the GreenHomes/ASI Hasting venture in this news release.


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One Response to “GreenHomes and ASI Hastings Bring Home Performance to San Diego”

  1. heating and air san diego Says:

    Welcome to San Diego! It is so great to know that we have another great company that does heating and air here in San Diego. there is such a high demand for people to make sure that their heating and air conditioning are working. Just have to meet demands.

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