MIRA-COOL: The only miracle is that these guys can get away will selling this stuff


Another goofy full-page ad with the same marketing hype and misleading information….

On the plane yesterday, I noticed the ad for the ”MIRA-COOL” air cooler.   “A new miracle air-cooler” looks a lot like snail oil in a different package.  I guess the purveyors of this nonsense think that by using the name MIRA-COOL, they can repackage the BS of the Cool Surge air cooler and skirt around the terrible reviews and warnings.  Pure nonsense.  Don’t buy this for the exact same reasons I encouraged you not to buy the Cool Surge.  Ignore the Scalding Zone, the Scorching Zone, and the Sizzling Zone.  Ignore this product. 

My apologies to William Shakespeare, but when it comes to the MIRA-COOL, a turd by any other name stinks just as badly.

If you want to stay cool, don’t waste your money.  Start with these simple cooling tips.


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4 Responses to “MIRA-COOL: The only miracle is that these guys can get away will selling this stuff”

  1. Dr S,Feroze Says:

    where can I purchase these in Ontario,Canada or in Buffalo,New York..please advise with addresses

  2. They’re ba-ack: the rip-off portable heater ads « GreenHomes America Says:

    […] with the “MIRA-COOL“, that I mentioned four weeks ago, generally, you should be very skeptical about ads for […]

  3. Nick Says:

    I got a Mira-Cool air cooler/ heater yesterday and it works perfect. Cools the air to near air conditioner levels with just tap water and the heater is the most powerful I have seen. There are reviews of these kinds of products all over the web listing several different brands and models with not only negative but very harsh reviews from 99% of the reviewers. I think the morrons who give negative reviews to great products like Riddex Plus, Oreck Truman Cell Air Purifier, Roomba, and EuroPlex Steam Mop are coming out in hordes to attack these types of air coolers and not one of them know what they are talking about.

    • Mike Rogers Says:

      Can’t comment on the other products since I don’t know them. But I’ll stand by the MIRA-COOL comments. You’d do just as well stick a fan in front of a bowl of ice–that’s fundamentally are this does–and save a lot of money.

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