Contracting Business Article Cites Clear Thinking in Support of Home Star


A Contracting Business article this week, quotes heavily a letter from The Linc Group CEO Tracy Price in support of Home Star.  Tracy very effectively counters short-sighted trade association ACCA opposition to the pending Home Star legislation.  Home Star, supported by of coalition of almost 3,000 companies and organizations nationally from manufacturers and labor groups to small contractors and environmental groups, would provide up to $6 Billion to create U.S. jobs and make home more energy efficient.   ACCA, late to the game and with the finesse of a bull in china shop, supports the basic concept, but would risk killing the program with an argument against high quality standards intended to deliver results and protect taxpayer dollars.  Click here to read Tracy’s full letter.

Whether the Senate has the ability to get the legislation passed—it passed the House in May—remains to be seen.  As mentioned a month ago, we have the technology and ability in this country to make our homes much more energy efficient, increasing our energy security, creating good local jobs, and improving national and home economics.  What is unclear is whether we have the leadership and political will to make it happen.  What do you think?

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