Winter is creeping up on us, are you ready?


Last time I wrote that having a little foresight can go a long way when it comes to energy efficiency, so now let me elaborate… Winter is just around the corner, are you ready for it?

Even if you live in the sunny paradise that is California (sorry everyone else, you know it’s true), there are still many ways you need to prepare for winter so that the energy bills don’t break the bank.

There are literally hundreds of ways your house can leak heat and cause you headaches, so for most of us the way to put your best foot forward coming into winter is by having a comprehensive energy audit performed on your home. Sounds expensive huh? Actually, not really. Typically the audit pays for itself in savings quickly–assuming you actually follow through is some of the recommendations, of course!

And don’t forget your rebates!

The Federal tax credit program for home energy efficiency improvements expires on December 31, so make sure to take care of those nagging problems and upgrades you’ve been meaning to make while Uncle Sam will help foot the bill.

There are a multitude of products and services that are eligible for the rebate of 30% of your costs, up to $1,500, but the work must be completed by Dec 31, 2010. Visit our summary of the program to learn what is covered under the program.

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