China creates energy jobs while Washington bickers


Hey, here’s an idea. Let’s argue about climate change, and let partisan posturing keep us from investing in clean-tech and energy-efficiency. And let’s let China invest in “electric vechicles, smart grids, LED lighting” and create hundreds of thousands of jobs while it builds a more efficient infrastructure and captures the leadership in the new energy and efficiency markets. Oh, wait, that’s not just an idea! That’s what’s happening right now. It’s summed up well in Thomas Friedman’s article in the NY Times yesterday.

There’s nothing preventing us from investing in a smart energy future to provide energy independence, increase national security, improve our national and home economics, and creates jobs almost immediately even in a down market.  Common sense suggests we do exactly this.  But it’s silly season, and it seems many of our leaders are more concerned with scoring political points than they are with leading.  Go figure.

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