Gas Meter Maintenance 101


Your gas meter and above ground gas piping need to be kept in shape, just the same as your combustion equipment does. Luckily, in most cases, this is quite easy and requires only minimal effort on your behalf. Maintaining meters and piping is mostly about controlling the environment immediately surrounding them.

Don’t do anything stupid:

  • Don’t try to move your meter assemblage on your own. If you have a home improvement project that requires the meter to be moved, call your gas company and ask them to do it for you.
  • Don’t build enclosures, decks, porches etc. around your meter, as this could prevent first responders from accessing it in an emergency situation.

Keep your meter clear:

  • In summer, don’t let a jungle grow around your meter and don’t cover your meter with topsoil or other landscaping materials.
  • In winter, use a broom to remove snow from the meter, and remove icicles hanging over it.
  • If your meter becomes encased in ice call your gas company immediately.

Important Tip:

You never want your meter to be hit by a vehicle, so make sure whoever clears your snow in the winter knows of its location. If your meter is in a driveway it is wise to erect a barricade to protect it. Contact your gas company about barricade options that protect the meter without compromising emergency access.

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