Hawaii’s gubernatorial candidates vie for leadership on energy independence for an oil-thirsty state.


While Democrats and Republicans in the U.S. Congress can’t seem to move past squabbling to create a sound national energy policy, according to the Christian Science Monitor, Hawaii’s gubernatorial candidates on both sides are touting aggressive plans:

“Republican James “Duke” Aiona’s has set a bold and ambitious goal for Hawaii to cut its consumption of foreign oil in half within eight years. Democrat Neil Abercrombie’s plan calls for a new agency to oversee the state’s energy initiatives.”

As with my earlier post about the military looking to decrease its dependence on fossil fuel and the conclusions of many which parallel the findings in the often quoted McKinsey report from last year, this is another sign that a good energy policy—based on energy efficiency and renewable energy isn’t a left or right issue—it’s a do what’s best issue for the country.  Congressional roadblocks to a sound policy just aren’t acceptable.



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