New homes “can” be energy efficient–but you don’t have to buy a new home to lower your bills!


According to a NY Times article, home builders can build more efficient homes than they used to.  Go figure! 

“Rapid advances in building technologies and appliances have made it easier to build more energy-efficient homes, but builders are only just beginning to promote the savings for consumers, said Liz Verna, the president-elect of the Home Builders Association of Connecticut, and developer of the Willows, a 65-house development in Wallingford.”

Of course, they could have been building more efficient homes for decades.  Now builders and developers would like you to buy a new home to replace your less efficient home.  Sure, you can do that if you’d like to.  However, “new” doesn’t automatically mean “energy-efficient”.  We fix a lot of newer homes.  And a good assessment of your current home, combined with quality energy and money savings improvements, can make your home perform as well as most newly built homes.  This is the “home performance” approach being touted by EPA, DOE, and many state and local programs.  And the approach that’s transformed so many of our customers homes.

You don’t have to build a new home to save money!


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One Response to “New homes “can” be energy efficient–but you don’t have to buy a new home to lower your bills!”

  1. Allison A. Bailes III, PhD Says:

    Great point, Mike. New doesn’t necessarily mean better or more efficient. And let’s not forget that it’s possible to be more efficient without saving energy. If you decrease the kilowatt-hours per square foot that you use but increase the square feet, you can still end up spending more. That’s the difference between conservation and efficiency. (

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