Half-Flush Fever


The trend is spreading to the USA… Dual Flush, or as I like to call them ‘Half-Flush,’ toilets are catching on, and not a moment too soon.

You might to be surprised to learn just how much of America is entering dire straits when it comes to water supply (check out this recent article in 24/7 Wall St. for the ten major US cities with the worst water problems), but it is becoming clear that water-watching is not just for the desert dwellers anymore.

So what’s the answer? More dams? More wells? Pipe the water in?

Enter, the dual flush toilet.

The dual flush toilet can reduce your household water consumption by up to 67% (depending on your usage habits). The beauty of the system is that it incorporates an element of intelligence in the system – you. You get to select the amount of water required to remove your business, half flush for number 1 or full flush for number 2.

Dual flush toilets have been popular in Australia since their invention in 1980, and have spread to Japan, Europe and now they are also available in the USA. So if you are building or remodeling your bathroom consider some of these trendy and economically-friendly options…

This is an example of your regular every -day dual flush toilet. Looks just like a regular toilet but the water level is lower and you get to choose how much water you want to flush.

No, you’re not imagining things, this toilet really does have a sink built into it. To optimize water efficiency the toilet uses the water you’ve used to wash your hands with to refill the cistern. Not only is it extremely conservative in it’s water usage, it also optimizes a very small space, such as this installation, where the entire bathroom needed to fit in a room the size of a closet.

Of course, if the half-flush is just too radical for you, you can always check out the range of low flow conventional toilets too.


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