Basement/Crawlspace Insulation


Now that we’ve talked about attic and wall insulation, it makes sense to touch on insulation for your floors. Because the earth beneath our feet is colder than the air in our houses, it is possible to reduce your heating bills by insulating your basement, crawlspace, or the space beneath your floor. This will help reduce your heating bills in the winter.  It generally won’t contribute much to lowering your cooling bills in the summer—however a properly insulated crawlspace or basement can help reduce moisture issues and the associated mold or mildew  In fact, sometimes it’s necessary to treat the crawlspace or basement to correct a moisture problem before doing anything to the rest of the house.

Crawlspace wall insulation with vapor barrier covering the ground

A typical house looses more heat through the attic, walls, sealing problems, and other avenues than through the floor so before you go out and have your crawl-space insulated it is wise to call in a professional for a home energy assessment to make sure it’s the best choice to improve the comfort, safety, durability and efficiency of your home.


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  1. Pillar to Post home inspections Says:

    Leave min 6″ at the top for a termite inspection

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