Scary attics need insulation, too!


At GreenHomes, we spend a lot of time in attics–because attics need a lot attention!  We talk a lot here about air-sealing and insulating attics.  In addition to hazards suchs as electrical, suspect insulation, and falling through the ceiling, we run into a myriad of scary things.  We had a DIYer talking about dead birds.  And here’s a shot passed along by Syracuse Advisor Bill Meadows of an enormous wasps’ nest in the attic of a recent project.  I’m sure glad this project included redecking the roof so that there was easier access to this monstrosity.

big wasp nest in an attic

Be safe up there!


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2 Responses to “Scary attics need insulation, too!”

  1. energyvanguard Says:

    Wow! That’s quite a nest. I’ll bet if you could get those wasps to cover the whole ceiling with one continuous nest, it’d be pretty well insulated. Then add in the heat generated by their metabolic processes, and it would probably be a nice, cozy house. Just don’t go up into the attic!

    • Mike Rogers Says:

      Maybe we can get DOE to work on the using-insects-to-heat-your-home angle? I suppose that could work with a large enough infestation of squirrels, mice, and/or raccoons, too! I’m reminded of the folks living above the barn and using the cows to stay warm, although I don’t think most of our customers would be up for the accompanying smell…

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