Smoke Alarms – New Features Make Them More Tolerable


This is the last thing I’m going to say about fire alarms for the foreseeable future…

The leading cause of smoke alarm failure is inadequate power supply, and many times this is due to the unit being disabled by the owner. Smoke alarms can be annoying because if they are installed too close to the kitchen they can be triggered when there isn’t really a fire to worry about. This is what experts call a ‘nuisance’ alarm. Unfortunately nuisance alarms can be so much of a nuisance that the owner disconnects them, rendering them unable to assist in detecting a fire.

Then again, it is incredibly annoying to have to deal with a fire alarm whenever you want to use your kitchen, so what should you do?

If possible, move the unit a few feet further away from the cooking area, in many cases this will solve the problem. If this isn’t possible, or you are still getting nuisance alarms, try replacing the unit with a new alarm that has a ‘hush’ feature – a handy little button that mutes the alarm for 10 seconds, which is usually long enough to clear the air of the smoke that triggered the alarm in the first place.

Remember that you should never disable the alarm by removing the batteries as you might forget to replace them again.


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