CEOs tout a smarter energy policy–including efficiency


Think it’s just tree huggers looking for good energy policy?  Think again.  And check out the energy discussion from the WSJ’s CEO Council.  Not just Birkenstocks, but expensive suits and ties.  They offered some interesting tidbits, including:

  • “We need to wean ourselves off foreign oil”
  • “We need consistency.” and “We’re looking for federal leadership here.”
  • “you don’t see, to the extent you really need to see, American products being aggressively pushed around green power, alternative energies.”
  • “We saw energy efficiency as something that could help our economy lower costs for customers but also, through leadership in energy efficiency, create opportunities to sell technology and products overseas”

I certainly wouldn’t agree with everything as discussed.  But businesses recognize they’ll increasingly rely on a sound and stable energy policy, including efficiency.  And consumers and home owners will, too.  Let’s hope the new Congress doesn’t fiddle while we get burned.  But let’s also start our own sound energy policy at the individual level, including in our homes.



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