Heat Surge–A “Don’t Buy” Recommendation.


Arrgghh.  Those expensive full-page ads touting revolutionary heating hocus pocus drive me nuts.  And when the temperature drops, they pop up like blisters on a Grand Canyon hike.  Heat Surge?  How about Money Drain?  Please read the previous posts and save your money.   If you really want a portable electric heater (typically a very expensive way to heat!!–with savings only possible it you turn the heat way down in the rest of your home, something that could cause problems of its own!!), you can get the same result with models that are hundreds of dollars cheaper.   The expensive price doesn’t buy you better performance.  It buys big full page,  color ads in papers throughout the land.  (Ditto on the EdenPure.)   A summary of my review:  Don’t buy one!


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5 Responses to “Heat Surge–A “Don’t Buy” Recommendation.”

  1. John Snell Says:

    Consumer Reports recently reviewed electric space heaters. Needless to say, the “Amish heater” and others of that ilk were not recommended! Honestly, you’d be better off using your toaster or hair dryer. A Honeywell model ($70) was the top choice.

  2. Stan Kuhn Says:

    The ads seem to work. I see the EdenPure ones all over the place. And most folks think they’re a good deal! (Until my sermon’s over).

    • Mike Rogers Says:

      You’re right, Stan. That’s how they can keep buying the big ads. We’ve got a lot of work to do to help let folks know the real score so they don’t get taken by the song and dance.

  3. L. Walker Says:

    I found that they work well. One has to understand that an infrared, portable heater is used for a specified square footage. The EdenPURE models are safe, easy to use and heat evenly. Follow the instructions and they will work as described.
    You can find EdenPURE heaters at sites such as http://www.edenpureworldwide.com. This site provides a lot of information about the product, includes videos and actual user reviews so you can make up your own mind about the product!

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