Properly Disposing of Christmas Trees


It is tempting. On one side of the room you have Christmas tree – its decorative days over, loosing its needles, obviously in need of being put out of its misery. On the other side is fireplace – a lean, mean burning machine. Why not just do the obvious thing and burn your used Christmas tree in the fireplace?

Here’s why not – Firs, Pines and Spruces (the most popular Christmas tree species) all have high sap content and burn quickly and explosively. This can cause a chimney fire, or at the very least, rapid creosote build-up in your chimney. The small explosions in the fireplace can also wreak havoc on your living room and furniture.

So do yourself a favor and recycle your Christmas tree. Call your local waste removal company to learn about your options. Most counties will remove a Christmas tree from your curbside for free in the two weeks following Christmas for recycling. Some counties have alternate programs for using dead Christmas trees for erosion management.


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