ACI 2011 Summit and Conference–a Not-to-Miss Event for the Home Performance Industry


GreenHomes America is excited to be sponsoring and attending ACI’s 25th annual Home Performance Conference, in San Francisco, March 28-April 1.  It truly is THE location for the best minds in the industry to come together and share and learn.  Enlightened contractors, policymakers, utilities, anyone with an interest in home energy retrofits–and the economic, environmental, and security considerations that go along with improving the efficiency of our housing stock.  If you’re serious about delivering all the benefits of a safe, comfortable, and more energy-efficient home to homeowners, then you should seriously consider attending–and it looks like record numbers are this year.

ACI 2011 National Home Performance Conference

Of particular interest for me this year is the second annual Home Energy Summit held in conjunction with the conference, and I’m delighted that our CEO Tracy Price has the opportunity to share his vision with others.  He’ll be joining others talking about the latest innovations and how we hope to improve homes across the country.

Industry colleagues (and I know some of you are reading this)–if you can make the time, make the trip out of San Francisco at the end the month.  It will be well worth it.



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