Spring Cleaning


 For most of us the signs of spring have arrived. The days are longer, and we throw open windows until the late day coolness sets in reminding us it’s not quite over. Being closed up for so long, our homes collect a bit of dust, and April showers add to the mess spurring some of us into a cleaning frenzy. The heat gets turned down and forgotten until next year.

Often in haste we scramble to schedule a service call before we fire up the heating system again in the fall—or after it breaks down. Maybe we count our blessings this spring that this was one more year for the old clunker in the basement. It must be ok since it survived one more season, right? Or for some this is just a rest before we switch to cooling our homes, the few months where we can catch up on the bills and leave the system off for a bit.

Why not take spring cleaning a bit deeper this year. Even if your furnace is off for months until the weather cools down again it won’t hurt to have it looked at now. For sure it’s a good time of year to have a heating system cleaned and serviced, and if there is something that needs to be fixed what better time to do it than when the system is shut down for the summer. Not every heating and cooling technician is the same though. Some have a deeper understanding of not only the heating system, but how it really is a part of a larger system we call the home.

Sometimes even when the boiler or furnace chugs along happy as can be, we might have a room that doesn’t ever feel quite right, one that seems to be much colder than the thermostat says, or is drafty from somewhere you can never put your finger on. Maybe it’s the one that gets real hot come summertime. A good technician might still clean and service a system that runs fine, but more heat or cooling to those troublesome spots isn’t always the answer. A bad one sees how close a screw looks to a nail everywhere because all they have is a hammer. How do you find a technician that understands? You don’t need one that has all the answers, but one that knows who to ask.

A heating technician should be good at heating systems. And having a deeper understanding of how your house operates—and a BPI certification—is preferred. It’s a home run when they spot trouble and can lead you to the right person to help fix it. At GreenHomes America our technicians keep an eye out for trouble. If all you need is a tune up that’s what you get. If you weren’t comfortable this winter or the season has taken its toll on your home, they might suggest a more in-depth “service and tune-up” on the house itself with one of our energy Advisors. Spring cleaning is not just a feather duster and a mop anymore. Do right by yourself and your immediate environment; consider a spring tune up from someone who isn’t afraid to go and get a screwdriver.

photo credit http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:LC-de

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